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C. K. Oberholzer as Philosopher Dreyer, F. S. Fundamental Pedagogics Dreyer_On_Oberholzer.pdf
C. K. Oberholzer as researcher with special reference to his establishment of phenomenology in South Africa Haasbroek, J. B. Fundamental Pedagogics Haasbroek_Oberholzer_ed.pdf
Childlike Lived-Experience: A Psychological-Pedagogical Study. Pretorius, J. W. M. Psychopedagogics Pret_lived_biblio.pdf | Pretor_lived_transl.pdf | Pret_ lived_ch5.pdf | Pret_lived_ch4.pdf | Pret_lived_title.pdf | Pret_lived_foreword.pdf | Pret_lived_content.pdf | Pret_lived_ch1.pdf | Pret_lived_ch2.pdf | Pret_lived_ch3.pdf
Comments on the Fundamental Didactic Forms: Some Notes on Adults and Children Living Together Maree, P. J. Didactic Pedagogics Maree-Didactic_Forms.pdf
Curriculum Planning, Teaching and Learning: An Interrelated Coherency Kruger, R. A. Didactic Pedagogics Kruger-Curriculum.pdf
Designing a Lesson Basson, N. J. S., Oosthuizen, W. L., Duvenage, D. C., and Slabbert, J. A Didactic Pedagogics Lesontwerp_title.pdf | Lesontwerp_preface.pdf | Lesontwerp_contents.pdf | Lesontwerp_Ch1.pdf | Lesontwerp_Ch2.pdf | Lesontwerp_Ch3.pdf | Lesontwerp_Ch4.pdf | Lesontwerp_Ch5.pdf | Lesontwerp_Ch6.pdf | lesont_biblio.pdf
Dialectic Method: A Particular Triad Landman, W. A. Fundamental Pedagogics Landman-Dialectic_Method.pdf
Didactic Pedagogics in Perspective (Inaugural address) Roux, C. J. Didactic Pedagogics Roux_Didactic.pdf
Didactics: A Pedagogic Explication Van der Stoep, F. Didactic Pedagogics Van_der_Stoep-Didactics.pdf
Discipline Landman, W. A. Fundamental Pedagogics Landman-Discipline.pdf