The Foundations of Pedotherapy: A Study of the Nature and Possibilities of a Phenomenological Pedotherapy

Pretorius, J. W. M.

Translation (1997) of Grondslae van die pedoterapie: ‘n ondersoek na die aard en die moontlikhede van ‘n fenomenologiese pedoterapie. Johannesburg: McGraw-Hill, 1972. Edited August 26, 2013.


Chapter One: Foundations of pedotherapy
1. A historical-critical foundation of pedotherapy
(a) The psychoanalysis of Sigmund Freud
(b) The "Client-Centered" theory of Carl Rogers
(c) The existential-analysis and logotherapy of V. Frankl
2. Child anthropology as a foundation of pedotherapy
3. Fundamental pedagogics as a foundation of pedotherapy
(a) The pedagogic relationship structure
(b) The pedagogic sequence structure
(c) The pedagogic aim structure
(d) The pedagogic categories and criteria
4. Psychopedagogics as a foundation of pedotherapy
5. The psychology of becoming as a foundation of pedotherapy
6. Orthopedagogic foundation of pedotherapy

Chapter Two: Some facets of the pedotherapeutic problem
1. The distressful situation of the child
2. Essentials of the pathic unrest of the child-in-distress
3. Educator guidance
4. Some pre-therapeutic considerations
5. Values in pedotherapy

Chapter Three: The essentials of pedotherapy
1. Preconditions for the pedotherapeutic event
2. The course of the pedotherapeutic event
3. Criteria for evaluating the pedotherapeutic event
4. Phases of the pedotherapeutic event

Chapter Four: Forms of pedotherapy
1. Play therapy
2. Image therapy
3. Conversational therapy
4. The guided daydream of Robert Desoille as a form of pedotherapy
5. Logotherapeutic moments in pedotherapy

Chapter Five: Synthesis