LEARNING: A psychopedagogic view

Sonnekus, M. C. H. (ed) with contributions by G D. Yonge, Chapter 1 and G. V. Ferreira, Chapters 2 & 3.

Chapters 2 & 3 are partial translations (1984) of Chapters II & III from Sonnekus, M. C. H. & G. V. Ferreira, Die psigiese lewe van die kind-in-opvoeding. University Publishers & Booksellers, Stellenbosch, 1979.

In Chapter 1, it is argued that the three models of learning considered (signal or respondent, operant and information processing) are NOT  of central relevance to one interested in  how children learn, generally, and how they learn in an educational situation, specifically, mainly because none have the learning child as their point of departure.  Chapters 2 & 3 present an alternative view that is based on a learning child-in-education, as such, rather than applying one or another theory of learning.