LESSON PRACTICE: A psychopedagogical orientation

Sonnekus, M. C. H.& Ferreira, G. V.

Translation (2020) by George Yonge of: Chapter VI from Sonnekus, M. C. H. & Ferreira, G. V.: Die lespraktyk - 'n Psigopedagogiese orentering from Sonnekus, M. C. H. & Ferreira, G. V. (1987) Die psigiese lewe van die kind-in-opvoeding: 'n Handleiding in die psigopedagogiek, Pp. 285-350. (Revised Edition). Stellenbosch: Univeristy Publishers & Booksellers.


An example of the entwinement of psycho-PEDGOGICAL and didactic-PEDAGOGICAL perspectives on a lesson structure from the pre-primary toddler to the secondary school ages.