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A Fundamental Pedagogical View of Educative Learning and its Modes Landman, W. A. Fundamental Pedagogics Landman_Educative_learn.pdf
A Path of Thinking about Education: 1960 to 1990 Plus Landman, W. A. Fundamental Pedagogics Landman-A_Path.pdf
A Pedagogical Perspective on Motherliness Barnard, Freda Fundamental Pedagogics Barnard_Chapter_Three.pdf | Barnard_Ch_Four.pdf | Barnard_Appendix.pdf | Barnard_Chapter_Two.pdf | Barnard_Chapter_One.pdf | Barnard, Title.pdf | Barnard_Contents.pdf
A Simplified Description of the Concept “Category” Landman, W. A. Fundamental Pedagogics Landman_Category.pdf
An Essence Analysis of the Situation of Educating and the Educative Aim Landman, W. A. Fundamental Pedagogics Landman_Roos_Lieb_title.pdf | Landman_Roos_Lieb_content.pdf | Landman_Roos_Lieb_biblio.pdf | Land_Roos_Lieb_Ch_One (a).pdf | Land_Roos_Lieb_Ch_Two(a).pdf
An Investigation of Acting Away (Distorting) Fundamental Pedagogic Essences Landman, W. A., Van Wyk, S. H. and Sonnekus, M. C. H. Fundamental Pedagogics Landman-Essence_distortion.pdf
C. K. Oberholzer as Philosopher Dreyer, F. S. Fundamental Pedagogics Dreyer_On_Oberholzer.pdf
C. K. Oberholzer as researcher with special reference to his establishment of phenomenology in South Africa Haasbroek, J. B. Fundamental Pedagogics Haasbroek_Oberholzer_ed.pdf
Dialectic Method: A Particular Triad Landman, W. A. Fundamental Pedagogics Landman-Dialectic_Method.pdf
Discipline Landman, W. A. Fundamental Pedagogics Landman-Discipline.pdf