Designing a Lesson

Basson, N. J. S., Oosthuizen, W. L., Duvenage, D. C., and Slabbert, J. A

Translation (1994) of Lesontwerp. Johannesburg: Juta and Kie, 1985. Bibliography edited December 4, 2012. *Title *Preface *Contents *Ch 1: A model for designing a lesson (N.J.S. Basson) *Ch 2: Reducing the subject contents, aim of the phases of a lesson, and designing a lesson (W.L. Ooosthuizen) *Ch 3: Lesson modalities and designing a lesson (N.J.S. Basson) *Ch 4: Lesson form and designing a lesson (N.J.S. Basson) *Ch 5: Designing a lesson and teaching aids (D.C. Duvenage) *Ch 6: Microteaching (J.A. Slabbert) *Bibliography