The Significance of the Concepts Elemental and Fundamental in Didactic Theory and Practice (Article)

Kruger, R. A.

Translation (2005) of Die betekenis van die begrippe elementare en fundamentale in die didaktiese teorie en praktyk. Pedagogiekstudies, No. 86 (1975). The Kruger paper along with a response by Leslie Le Grange and rejoinder by George Yonge were published in the Journal of Curriculum Studies: Kruger, R. A. (2008) The significance of the concepts 'elemental' and 'fundamental' in didactic theory and practice. Journal of Curriculum Studies, 40(2), 215-250. Le Grange, L. (2008) The didactic tradition in South Africa: a reply to Richard Kruger. Journal of Curriculum Studies, 40(3), 399-407. Yonge, G. D. (2008) Ideological alchemy: the transmutation of South African didactics (and fundamental pedagogics) into 'apartheid education'. Journal of Curriculum Studies, 40(3), 409-415.