The Relationships among Philosophical Anthropology, Fundamental Pedagogics and Pedagogy

Roos, S. G.

Translation (2010)  [EDITED August 2023] of: Chapter 1 (Die Verhouding: Wysgerige Antropologie/Fundamentele Pedagogiek/Pedagogie) from Landman, W. A. and Roos, S. G.: Fundamentele pedagogiek en die opvoedingswerklikheid. Durban: Butterworths, 1973. Questions translated in 2014: pp. 223-235. Pp 1-96. Slight edit, July 24, 2014. Correction page 40, line 20, August 29, 2014. Questions edit, October 22, 2014 KEY WORDS: philosophical anthropology, child anthropology, philosophy of education, fundamental pedagogics, pedagogics, pedagogy, pedagogical categories, phenomenological method, philosophy of life, view of life, view of being human, educational doctrine.