The Historical Development of Pedagogical Thinking in the Various Part-Disciplines of the Faculty of Education at the Universit

Faculty of Education (Joubert, C. J., Mentz, H. C., Roos, S. G., van Niekerk, P. A., Sonnekus, M. C. H., Pretorius, J. W. M., Louw, W. J., van Dyk, C. J.)

ARCH 2024] Translation (2000) [EDITED March 2024]  of: The development of pedagogical thinking in the various part-disciplines of the Faculty of Education at the University of Pretoria. Pedagogiekjoernaal, 1980, Vol. 1, No. 2, 63-121, 133-232. History and Comparative Pedagogics, pp. 122-132 not translated. CONTENTS FUNDAMENTAL PEDAGOGICS (1930-1980) S. G. Roos 1. Introduction 2. Earlier names of fundamental pedagogics 3. Movement away from an initial naturalistic approach 4. Development of fundamental pedagogic thought appearing in the use of a few concepts 5. Research by students 6. Methodological development 7. The unification of the pedagogic 8. Practical  application of fundamental pedagogics 9. Consideration of the significance of a philosophy of life SUMMARY PSYCHOPEDAGOGICS (1930-1980) M. C. H. Sonnekus 1. The earliest years: 1930-1937 2. The period 1937-1950: Establishing the Faculty of Education 3. The period 1950-1959: In search of an autonomous status for psychopedagogics 4. The period 1960-1970: Foundation for a phenomenologically oriented psychopedagogics 5. The period 1970-1980: Establishment of an independent psychopedagogics as a part perspective of an autonomous pedagogics 6. Summary and perspective SUMMARY DIDACTIC PEDAGOGICS (1930-1980) H. C. Mentz First phase Second phase Third phase SUBJECT DIDACTICS (1930-1980) C. J. van Dyk A, General orientation and historical introduction B. Some relevant attributions of meaning to the components and relations of the teaching model C. A number of landmarks informing subject didactic theory D. Subject didactic research TERTIARY DIDACTICS (1930-1980) W. J. LOUW No headings SUMMARY ORTHOPEDAGOGICS (1930-1980) P. A. Van Niekerk 1. Introduction 2. The deviant child as educationally situated 3. Accent on the disabled (handicapped) child 4. Pedagogic diagnostics 5. Therapeutic intervention with a deviant child 6. On the way to an accountable orthopedagogics 7. The orthopedagogic as a pedagogic perspective 8. Orthopedagogic practice SUMMARY VOCATIONAL ORIENTATION (1930-1980) C. J. Joubert 1. Historical perspective 2. Anglo-American vocational counseling (1940-1955) 3. Educational-psychological oriented vocational guidance (1955-1960) 4. Philosophical-pedagogical oriented vocational orientation (1961-1970) 5. Vocational orientation pedagogics (1971-1980) 6. Summary 7. Research in vocational orientation pedagogics (1930-1980) SUMMARY APPENDIX SOCIOPEDAGOGICS (1930-1980) J. W. M. Pretorius No headings SUMMARY