The Experiential World of the Truant

Van Niekerk, P. A.

Translation (1995) of Die beleweniswereld van die stokkiesdraaier: 'n pedodiagnostiese ondersoek na die verskynsel stokkiesdraai, met besondere verwysing na stokkiesdraaiers in hoerskole op die Noordtransvaalse platteland. Opvoedkunde Studies, 1970, 64, 86-108. CONTENTS: CHAPTER ONE: STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM AND AN OVERVIEW OF SOME PREVIOUS RESEARCH 1. Aspects of the problem according to current researchers 2. Anthropological research CHAPTER TWO: THE EXPERIENTIAL WORLD OF THE TRUANT AND ITS PEDAGOGICAL CHARACTERISTICS 1. An accountable anthropology of child-being 2. The aim of the study 3. The life world and experiential world of the child 4. Pedodiagnostication of the truant CHAPTER THREE: THE FAMILY MILIEU AS LIFE-SPACE AND THE TRUANT'S BLOCKAGE THEREIN 1. The family milieu as life-space 2. The truant's blockage in the family situation CHAPTER FOUR: THE TRUANT'S UNAVOIDABLE CONFRONTATION WITH THE DIDACTIC AND THEIR "BLOCKAGE" IN THE SCHOOL SITUATION 1. The school as a necessity in becoming a person 2. The school as an educative milieu 3. The teacher as provider of support 4. The truant's blockage in the school situation CHAPTER FIVE: DISCUSSION OF THE PERSON-IMAGE OF THE TRUANTS 1. Gerda 2. Chris 3. Jan 4. Mathilda CHAPTER SIX: SOME RECOMMENDATIONS AUTHOR'S ENGLISH SUMMARY REFERENCES