Pedotherapeutic Guidance of the Affectively Disturbed Child

Crous, S. F. M.

Translation (1997) of: Pedoterapeuties Begeleiding van Die Affektief-versteurde Kind. Unpublished D. Ed. Dissertation, University of Pretoria, 1979. Edited April 13, 2020.

CONTENTS CHAPTER 1 STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM, AIM AND PROGRAM OF STUDY 1. Introduction 2. Statement of the problem 3. Aim of the study 4. Program of the study 5. References CHAPTER 2 THE INFLUENCE OF AFFECTIVE EDUCATION ON THE PERSONAL ACTUALIZATION OF THE CHILD 1. Introduction 2. The place of the emotional life in and the influence of emotional educating on the personal actualization of the child 3. Disharmonious affective educating 4. Summary 5. References CHAPTER 3 SOME PSYCHOTHERAPEUTIC PRACTICES FOR ASSISTING THE AFFECTIVELY DISTURBED CHILD 1. Introduction 2. Theoretical models and "methods of treatment" 3. A closer view of some psychotherapeutic practices 4. Conclusion 5. References CHAPTER 4 PLANNING AN ACCOUNTABLE ORTHOPEDAGOGIC THERAPEUTIC PRACTICE FOR THE AFFECTIVELY DISTURBED CHILD 1. Introduction 2. Pedagogic foundations for planning a pedotherapeutic practice for the affectively disturbed child 3. The practice of assisting the affectively disturbed child 4. References CHAPTER 5 PROVIDING PEDOTHERAPEUTIC ASSISTANCE TO AN AFFECTIVELY DISTURBED CHILD: AN EXAMPLE 1. Introduction 2. Person image of an affectively disturbed child 3. Pedotherapy with an affectively disturbed child 4. Providing assistance to the parents of an affectively disturbed child 5. Synthesis 6. References CHAPTER 6 SUMMARY, FINDINGS AND RECOMMENDATIONS 1. Introduction 2. Summary of the investigation 3. Findings 4. Recommendations arising from the investigation