The Disharmonious Teaching Situation: Guidelines for Orthodidactic Practice [Dissertation]

Du Toit, A. S.

Translation (2009) [EDITED Narch 2023]  of: Die disharmoniese onderwyssituasie: Riglyne vir die ortodidaktiese praktyk. Unpublished Ed,D, dissertation (1980). KEYWORDS: affectively disturbed child; children with learning disabilities; corrective teaching; didactic pedagogics; disharmonious teaching situation; fundamental pedagogics; learning readiness program; mentally handicapped children; neurologically handicapped children; orthopedagogics; orthodidactics as an interpretive science; orthodidactic lesson design; orthodidactic practice; pedotherapy; psychopedagogics. CONTENTS: Ch 1: Statement of the problem, aim and plan of study Ch 2: Constituents of a disharmonious teaching situation Ch 3: Some considerations about designing an orthodidactic lesson Ch 4: The interpretive possibilities of orthopedagogic-orthodidactic media (tests) Ch 5: An example of a situation-analysis of a child with learning difficulties and the resulting design of an orthodidactic program of assistance Ch 6: Synthesis, conclusion and recommendations